When you want to move into a new apartment or a house in another state, you may not want to take on all moving duties yourself. Even packing up a small apartment will have many moving parts, leading to unnecessary stress. Hiring an Edmonton moving team will help you get through any move with less hassle and stress.

Many people will not think about their upcoming move until closing on a new house or sign a lease. This can be a mistake as you then have to hurry to pack everything up and get going to move within a certain time frame. Even with a tight schedule, hiring the right movers will make all the difference – both in terms of time and money.

What Movers Actually Do

When looking into your options for Edmonton moving companies, you should know what movers actually do. You may be surprised that moving your stuff is not all there is to it. Not all movers are the same, so a service that might be standard with one company might not even be on the services menu with another.

Know What a Moving Company Offers

In most situations, going with a local mover is best. Not only will they be familiar with your area, but you will usually find they want what is best for their customers/neighbors. Beyond that, you need to ask questions and learn about the team and what they offer before deciding. These are some of the best questions to ask when trying to determine if a moving company on your list is the right choice for your situation:

  1. Does your company reuse moving supplies? This may seem like a silly question, but you might be surprised at how many companies may reuse boxes and other supplies. While some are fine, do you really want to have your clothing packed up in a garment/wardrobe box that had past customers’ clothes in them?
  2. What supplies are provided? While you may think that all movers will show up with their own packing supplies and boxes, some do not. You may want to inquire ahead of time to find out what they provide, what you need to buy in advance, and so on.
  3. Should I be helping with the move? Some customers do not want any part of the moving process. Whether you want to be involved or not, find out what is expected or allowed from the Edmonton moving company. You might want to sit back and let your hired team handle all of the heavy lifting and fine details for you.

2 Burley Men Moving, Ltd. Is Here to Help!

Are you planning a local move? Do you have unique items that you are worried about packing up and moving on your own? Whether you are going to be moving across the country or town, we have the ability to help you each step of the way. Give us a call at (844) 849-4558 to discuss your upcoming move packing supplies and address any questions you have, and our Edmonton moving company is happy to assist!

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